Opening Hours

Monday and Tuesday

12pm to 4pm

All visitors are welcome - to optimize your time please schedule an appointment.


Call For Help

If you or someone you know needs help, please call:
(951) 766-6100
After Hours Hotline
(877) 398-7734

Volunteering Your Time and Talent

If you have a particular skill or gift, there are tasks and projects you may be able to help with. Some of them may include:

Carpentry and fix-it skills, organizational skills, coordinating fundraisers, speaking to church groups and businesses, and many others...

Volunteer Counselors

If you have a heart and compassion for women facing difficult life choices, consider volunteering as a lay-counselor. Training is provided to prepare you.

We specifically need:

  • landscaping
  • receptionist
  • housecleaning - weekly
  • lay counselor
  • website upkeep
  • event photographer

Contact us if you'd like to volunteer.