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Pregnancy is usually a time of joy. However, there are times when a pregnancy is viewed as a problem because of emotional or social circumstances.

Birth Choice of Hemet is designed to offer help in a compassionate setting. We are here to listen and care.

Our objective for our clients is to offer emotional, physical and spiritual support; to clarify future direction, and to help relieve present stress. Our Programs help the client to grow individually and help formulate an adequate future plan for herself and her child.

A call or visit will bring encouragement and hope to each hurting person as they face important decisions in their life. If you or someone you know needs help, please call: (951) 766-6100 or the After Hours Hotline (877) 398-7734.

In 1985, with only one small room and a passion, a few special ladies started New Life Service, a pregnancy help center for women facing unplanned pregnancies. In the desire to show the love of Christ and to offer a helping hand, a ministry was born. While our name has changed, our mission has not. For the past two decades, we have been a life-affirming voice of hope in our community.

Birth Choice Hemet is committed to saving women and children from uncertainty and no hope by offering love and support to families in need.

Birth Choice of Hemet is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), public benefit organization with a mission to offer hope and compassionate help to those affected by unplanned pregnancy.

Our Vision is to reach out to those affected by unplanned pregnancy, sexual health concerns, and abortion by offering resources that provide physical, emotional, practical and spiritual support while advocating life affirming choices.



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